Summer Field Day August 20, 2019 8-4 Plot Tours and Workshop. Speakers include Dr. Kris Nichols, Ryan Speer, Michael Thompson & Nick Vos

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Citizens Working for Clean Water

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We are farmers and landowners working in partnership with the City of Wichita to protect Cheney Reservoir - the primary source for Wichita's water supply. Through this unique rural-urban partnership, farmers provide the outreach to their friends and neighbors and the City of Wichita provides funding for conservation work in the watershed.

“Our best conversations happen when two pick-up trucks are parked along a dirt road.”

— Citizens Management Committee member

Summer field day with Jimmy Emmons and Michael Thompson

Summer field day with Jimmy Emmons and Michael Thompson

Our Work

The CMC focuses educational efforts and funding in the most vulnerable acres of the watershed with the practices that will have the greatest reduction in sediment and nutrient loading. These include practices such as reduced tillage, cover crops, grass plantings, relocation of livestock feeding areas, and an strong emphasis on soil health in both cropland and rangeland.