"The best impact we can have is to change the way a landowner thinks, so that he or she considers water in daily decisions." - Citizens Management Committee member

We organize workshops, tours, and discussion groups throughout the year for farmers in and outside the watershed. Usually there is no charge to attend. We want to make it easy for farmers and landowners to learn about innovative practices and new ideas for their farms. Contact us to be on our email list for notices about events or watch the Events page on this website.

Learning with kids -

We work with schools, libraries, churches, home-school groups, and others in the Cheney Lake Watershed to provide inter-active programs for kids with lessons on cool stuff like stream biology, life in the soil, and the water that connects us. You just need to ask us and we can make it happen.

We are willing to create something for your group -


Whether you have a church group, a social club, or some type of community organization, we would love to join you to talk about water, soil, and the health of our watershed communities. We can tailor a program to fit your schedule and your interests.